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Our Art Boutique is filled with one-of-a-kind, hand-made pieces by artist Makala Fields.  You’ll find things like collage prints, buttons, and card decks.

Check the first of our  limited edition mixed-media collage prints, 

I Am Enough 8×10 signed print


My first collection with ComiArt, “We Need You” is LIVE! This collection is reaching out to and celebrating our Black men, especially fathers in our community. After losing my father at fifteen years old and now raising two daughters without their father, the need for that nourishment and protection is loud and clear. Click below to explore the collection.  

Nzinga Collection

Queen Nzinga has proudly represented Unspoken Word Designs for fifteen years. She radiates passion, beauty, independence, and strength. Her classic beauty never goes out of style. Shop the Nzinga Collection today!

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